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Jan.2023, ArenaPetro released EURO Tool
Time:2023/3/16 14:28:01  Views:347

     In January 2023, ArenaPetro released a new generation of EURO (Eddy current and Ultrasonic Rotational Observer). The EURO logging tool can obtain the imaging data of ultrasonic wave and electromagnetic eddy current at the same time in a single logging job. In addition to the existing functions of casing imaging, cementing quality evaluation, perforation quality detection, it also provides the functions of fluid-free or gas well logging. ArenaPetro pioneered the integration of ultrasonic imaging and electromagnetic eddy current imaging tool functions into a logging tool.


     Since 2003, ArenaPetro has developed and manufactured the UHI series ultrasonic imaging logging tool independently for 20 years. The product line covers 43mm, 56mm, 70mm, 90mm and other specifications. In addition to the application in conventional cased wells and open hole wells, we have also expanded the application of horizontal well, gas storage logging, ultra-high temperature (200+ degC) and other applications in recent five years. In order to further improve the technical service capability of the WIIS Well Integrity Inspection System, we added the electromagnetic pulse eddy current detection module on the basis of the existing UHI2 ultrasonic imaging logging tool, which solved the restriction of the following complex well conditions on acoustic logging tools, improved the compliance rate and time cost of logging interpretation, and reduced the logging construction cost:


l  Heavy oil, oil sludge, sand, wax deposition, bubbles, etc. on the casing wall;

l  Gas wells or wells without well fluid medium, ultra acoustic tools cannot work;

l  Perforation quality evaluation, including perforation hole shape, size, orientation, depth and penetration depth;

l  It can be extended to shale oil pressure fracturing/perforation fracture evaluation and other fields.


     ArenaPetro plans to gradually stop the production of the old model UHI2 ultrasonic hole imaging tool after the official production of the EURO Eddy current and Ultrasonic Rotational Observer in 2023. As the basic configuration of the EURO ultrasonic electromagnetic imaging logging tool, the old model tools are only sold to the old customers and after-sales services are provided to existing customers.


    EURO and the AXP600/AXP1 wireline logging system (including AXP600/AXP1 surface system, MCM600/MCM1 high-speed telemetry, DINT Gyroscope, MHAC multi-function acoustic tool, etc.) of ArenaPetro jointly constitute a new generation of WIIS borehole integrity inspection system. ArenaPetro will continue improving the EURO ultrasonic electromagnetic imaging logging tool and the ability of WIIS well integrity inspection system in the direction of old well detection, gas storage logging services, and better meet the logging needs of domestic and foreign oilfield customers.