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Jan 2023, ArenaPetro released the DINT Gyro logging tool.
Time:2023/3/16 14:31:14  Views:411

In January 2023, ArenaPetro released the DINT Gyro logging tool. This tool can meet the requirements of the application of the cased well deviation azimuth monitoring, horizontal well logging orientation, azimuth perforating, azimuth sidetracking, casing external optical fiber position, etc. in cased hole or open hole wells in magnetic anomaly areas. And as the key new function of ArenaPetro’s new generation WIIS Well Integrity Inspection System, it can meet the needs of the system for absolute azimuth measurement, and provide strong support for the post-processing and interpretation of wellbore imaging data, such as azimuth correction.


DINT Gyroscope logging tool is mainly composed of multi-axis high-precision MEMS gyroscope sensor, acceleration sensor, data acquisition and digital signal processing circuit group. It can be used as an independent logging tool/sub, or as a module according to the customer's customized requirements - integrated into the existing telemetry tool/cable head parameter logging tool/other functional probes. Because of the use of new magnetic sensors and algorithms, the anti-vibration life of the gyroscope is improved, the price cost of the high-temperature gyroscope is reduced, and the length of the tool string is shortened on the premise of ensuring the performance of the tool.


In 2022, DINT Gyroscopic logging tool has obtained overseas orders from the oil service customers in Europe and America.

In 2023, the tool will be promoted as the orientation measurement standard configuration of ArenaPetro's new generation WIIS Well Integrity Inspection System.


ArenaPetro will continue improving the product line and gradually promote it to the fields of LWD, horizontal well logging and so on to better meet the logging needs of domestic and foreign oilfield customers.