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Nov, 2023, ArenaPetro successfully won the bid for the cable guidance measurement system project
Time:2024/2/4 12:49:49  Views:91

In November 2023, ArenaPetro, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ArenaPetro) participated in the open tendering for a cable guidance measurement system project. After multiple rounds of expert evaluation, ArenaPetro successfully won the bid with the highest score in the comprehensive evaluation of technology and business, and signed the contract.

The function of the cable guided logging system is to detect the position of fish falling into the gas storage well, provide technical support for sealing operations, and ensure the sealing and safe operation of the gas storage. The system has been used for construction services in multiple gas storage wells in North China and Northeast China, and has received recognitions from the customers. In 2024. In order to ensure that the tools can meet the usage needs of multiple oil blocks, the client organized a bidding for the cable orientation logging system, in order to collocate more logging tools and achieve the scale promotion and service goals of the cable orientation logging project. The successful bid of the project fully reflects the progressiveness, stability, reliability and high-quality technical services of ArenaPetro products.

In the new year of 2024, ArenaPetro will continue working hard to develop new products, technologies, and processes to better service for domestic and foreign oilfield customers, hoping to make greater contributions to the development of tens of thousands of meters deep wells in the central and western regions of China.