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June 2014, ArenaPetro delivers LWD/MWD surface systems
Time:2014/7/10 13:56:11  Views:2679

    April 2014, ArenaPetro participated a bidding activity of horizontal memory logging system and successfully won the bid.
    At present, the latest model of horizontal well logging surface system is AXP600EL. Compared with the previous version, this upgradation includes :
    New front computer and front panel LCD screen
    Parameters adjustment can be carried out directly on the panel;
    Various kinds of mud pulse decoding function;
    High speed serial data download interface(5.0Mbps@200metres cable).

    In May 2014, two drilling companies of PetroChina purchase seven sets of AXP600EL surface panel. The mass production and delivery of AXP600EL proved that it has been accepted by the customers.

    From March to June 2014, ArenaPetro LWD/MWD software finished field testing for a public energy service corporation, The testing well is located in Wushen , Inner Mongolia, whose vertical section is 3010 meters long, 1500 meters of horizontal well section. After two months's field testing, ArenaPetro Ladder LWD/MWD software is stable and reliable, fully meet the requirements of field usage.

    After years of efforts, ArenaPetro has accumulated rich experience in MWD/LWD field, and will continue to increase investment in R & D and manufacture area. In the mean time, ArenaPetro will supply excellent services to our customers.