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May 5th, 2015, ArenaPetro signed MRIL software contract
Time:2015/8/13 14:04:29  Views:2335

On May 5th, 2015, ArenaPetro signed a MRIL (magnetic resonant imaging logging tool) data interpretation software contract with a customer in China.


This product is a professional MRIL data processing software based on ArenaPetro's AXP interpretation software, embedded with the multi-dimensional NMR logging data process and the interpretation algorithm. During years of research and development, ArenaPetro invented the MRIL data interpretation software system that will mainly be used for the on-site data processing.


The signing of this contract marks the breakthrough of ArenaPetro's AXP logging interpretation software's new progress in MRIL field. With the help of our portable AXP600F surface system, the MRIL logging system can be quickly deployed to different oil fields.