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Sep 30th, 2015, ArenaPetro signed a NMR surface system contract
Time:2015/11/12 9:50:30  Views:2253

      The NMR testing system project is based on ArenaPetro's AXP600FE surface system. It connects with the client's NMR logging tool achieving the target of laboratory alignment, calibration, production test and field logging.

      NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance) logging is one of the most important application directions of the well logging industry. However, the NMR tool is very expensive and has to be transported between different oil fields. To produce the calibration and interpretation chart, the portable surface system will also be needed. General vehicle-mounted surface system obviously cannot meet these special requirements.

       The most commonly portable system in the current market is bulky and expensive. The large power supply always interferes with the communication and damages the data reliability of NMR logging tool. ArenaPetro signed the cooperative contracts with our client due to our rich experience and proven technology. The characteristics of the surface system are as following:

       1. In a 19 " wide and 4U height of rackmount, this system integrates all the necessary functions of data acquisition, signal processing, cable core switch, data transmission and AC/DC high power supply, etc.

       2. It contains both of the AC and DC high power supply modules.

       3. High portability and usability: Be able to meet all the indoor test and wellsite logging demands.

       4. There's no need of the telemetry and cables any more when debugging and calibration tools. AXP600FE portable system extends a variety of codecs boards. They can connect with the NMR or other tool bus directly.

       What's more, the price of the AXP600FE portable surface system makes up only 30% ~ 40% of the same configuration imported instruments and 60% ~ 70% of the domestic equipment. It will greatly decrease the client maintenance cost.

       ArenaPetro has already signed the contract with the client of the NMR logging interpretation software which marked by acceptance recently with approval. This move is of significance marking a new breakthrough in the NMR logging field of ArenaPetro's AXP600F surface system.

       So far, AXP600F surface system has been widely applied to the open hole and cased hole logging project, ArenaPetro will continue to improve the technical capabilities in the well logging field to provide better products and services to our clients in the future.