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Nov 12th, 2015, ArenaPetro won the bidding of 1Mbps logging system
Time:2015/12/3 18:29:38  Views:1930


On Nov 12th, 2015, ArenaPetro won the bidding of 1Mbps wireline logging

surface system and downhole tools in China.


      This MCM1D90AI multifunctional high speed telemetry tool was made to order for connecting with the client's newest ultra-far acoustic logging tool based on ArenaPetro's matured product AXP600FE wireline logging system.

MCM1D90AI telemetry is able to provide a stable communication through the cable over 8000 meters with its highest data rate of 1Mbps.

       MCM1D90AI high-speed telemetry has integrated the 1Mbps telemetry, inclinometer, GR, cable head parameters acquisition, downhole tool bus control, etc. It will bring great convenience to our client's R&D, debugging and field logging job.


       AXP600FE is the latest surface system of high performance and reliability developed by ArenaPetro. In a 19" wide and 4U height of rackmount, AXP600FE integrates all the necessary functions of data acquisition, surface signal processing, power supply, cable dispatch, data transmission, CCL processing and winch control, etc. It can be extended and adapt to various kinds of downhole logging tools. The users can do the exploitation on their own according to their different demands.


       Meanwhile, ArenaPetro provides the 1:4 distortionless acoustic data compression algorithm, an important innovation in this project. It can greatly increase the cable transmission bandwidth and solve the large data transmission problem. The algorithm has been used and tested in many systems and laid a good foundation for ArenaPetro's telemetry breakthrough of the 10Mbps in the future.


       The successful bidding fully proved ArenaPetro's strength in the R&D field. We will continue to strengthen our development of the high speed telemetry tool to provide better products and services to our clients in the future.