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Dec. 22th, 2015, ArenaPetro's power supply successfully delivered
Time:2015/12/31 17:35:04  Views:1295

    ArenaPetro's high performance power supply project has already approved by our client on Dec. 22th, 2015.

    Nowadays, the high performance low noise power supply are needed by the advanced logging instrument (such as high speed telemetry tool, multidimensional NMT, Wire-line coring tool, formation testing tool and so on). Foreign mainstream logging instrument manufacturers would like to use the high cost solutions while the domestic enterprises have to take the R&D and production costs into consideration and assemble the existing industrial power supplies together. It will save some costs to some extent, but the power system made in that way will become large and bulky along with some electrical noise and reliability issues which will bring other troubles to the logging system.

    AXP600FT power supply is the enhanced version of the switching power programmed subsystem with high capability and reliability based on ArenaPetro's AXP600F surface system. In a 19" wide and 4U height rackmount, the power case embedded with two low-noise super powered program controlled AC and DC supply besides its cores switching function. The AC power supply's capability could be over 1500W and the DC's could be over 1000W, which already meet the requirement of many advanced logging instruments. In order to satisfy the client's R&D, testing and well logging demands, the AXP600FT power case could also provide the power to the downhole instruments via direct connection. Or it can be embedded into the client's logging system as an external power supply. Both are convenient and flexible.

    The successful completion of the high performance power case project fully reflects the improving of ArenaPetro's logging surface system.


In 2016, ArenaPetro will continue to improve the technology and working hard for adapting to the 3KW ~ 6KW logging instrument.