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In Jan 2018, ArenaPetro successfully won the biddings of several projects
Time:2018/3/6 16:21:52  Views:1667

        In January 2018, ArenaPetro,Ltd. successfully won the biddings of several projects: including 10 sets of AXP600FCB wireline logging surface systems, 3 sets of LUCT LWD ultrasonic caliper, and a few more projects are expected to be signed in early March.

        Since ArenaPetro launched the sales of AXP600 series wireline surface system in 2006, the products have been upgraded to various specifications (A / B / C / D / E / F / G and other models) for customer choice according to different demands such as production logging, openhole logging, LWD and perforation coring. The cumulative sales are more than 200 sets, covering the domestic state-owned, private enterprises. We have gone into international market for many years.

        Since its development in 2008, the LUCT LWD product line has covered 6.75 " and 8.00" various specifications (150°C and 175°C) and has adapted to plenty of tools such as LWD center control, LWD neutron, LWD density. The cumulative sales are nearly 90 sets. ArenaPetro has developed the high-end tools such as LWD ultrasonic imaging and became the leader in the domestic oil field.

        2018 is an important year for ArenaPetro. It is the 20th anniversary to engage in the logging industry. We will launch more heavyweight new products such as Φ43mm/175°C gyroscope and new high-precision spectrum gamma logging tools and provide better service for the oilfield customer. 

        ArenaPetro has joined the petroleum logging field for over twenty years. We do one step at a time and never slack off, from research and technical service to the professional manufacturing of the tools, including software, hardware, circuit, mechanics, power modules, tools, and the logging systems. Many customers highly appreciated of ArenaPetro’s technology strength, hardware facilities and production technology after visiting our company. We will continue working hard and do better.