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Mar 27th, 2018, ArenaPetro will participate the CIPPE in Beijing
Time:2018/3/6 16:32:43  Views:2701

        From March 27th to March 29th, 2018, the 18th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE-2018) will be held in Beijing International Exhibition Center (New Hall), ArenaPetro,Ltd. will show our core products at booth E1121 of E1 Hall, including:

         AXP600G high-resolution imaging logging system. It is an open platform, with optional tools of conventional, imaging and array logging tools. In addition, it can be extended to through bit/storage system to meet the needs of a specific user who want to expand various field services with one set of tools.

         WIIS (Well Integrity Inspection System). It contains: Multi Arm Caliper, Ultrasound Imaging Tool, Segment Cement Bonding, VDL / CBL, Electromagnetic Detection, and etc.

         Downhole equipment: 2Mbps multi-function telemetry tool, ultrasonic imaging tool, high-resolution acoustics tool;

         LWD/horizontal well logging tools;

         AXP logging software, including: wireline logging, LWD/horizontal well data acquisition, quick interpretation, etc;

         ArenaPetro,Ltd.'s marketing department and the main technical managers will introduce the advanced products and technologies at the exhibition, answer customers questions and provide solutions.

         Welcome to visit our booth, we’re expecting your good suggestion!