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July 15th, 2020, ArenaPetro became a supplier of a top class service company
Time:2020/7/22 14:12:21  Views:2713

Jul 15th, 2020, ArenaPetro officially became a direct supplier of a top class oil service company and started to supply products in bulk. (Due to the limitation of the NDA, the name of the client and the content of the cooperation cannot be disclosed here.)

ArenaPetro has started to develop and manufacture of these wireline logging products which has been widely used by state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, listed companies, scientific research institutions and overseas customers since the year of 2000. continuous development more than 20 years, with significant improvement in R&D and manufacture quality, ArenaPetro has grown into a system level manufacturer of the wireline logging system and set up three subsidiaries in Beijing, Xi 'an and Canada.

Nowadays, ArenaPetro sells the products which have been applied in more than ten countries around the world in bulk to a top international oil service company. Withstood high temperature and high pressure operation, the products win high recognition from the customers.

We sincerely thank the customers and agents who have provide support and encouragement to ArenaPetro. All staffs in ArenaPetro will continue making efforts to provide customers high-quality products and services.