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Sep 19th, 2020, the storage ultrasonic imaging logging system successfully carried out the coiled tubing horizontal well logging job
Time:2020/10/28 12:52:35  Views:2725

     Sep 19th, 2020, ArenaPetro, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ArenaPetro) used slim memory ultrasonic imaging system (MUHI) to successfully process the horizontal well casing evaluation in the Sichuan shale gas zone. This logging job used the coiled tubing conveys MUHI system down to the well, and successfully obtains casing deformation data near the bottleneck at 3500 meters in the horizontal section of the shale gas well. This provides effective support for oil company’s subsequent fracturing and workover operations. In the first half year, this tool has logged 5 wells in the North China oilfield and CBM block, fully verified the accuracy and reliability of the entire system and 3D interpretation software.


     This system is independently developed and manufactured by ArenaPetro. The downhole tools max O.D. is 52mm with 155 temperature grade and pressure of 100MPa. The system are composed of following tools:


  • Memory and battery sub MBCTD-52A

  • Slim ultrasonic hole imaging tool UHI2D-52C

  • Auxiliary centralizers and flex joints

  • MWD/LWD/Horizontal well surface panel AXP600GL

  • AXP logging acquisition software and ALIS (three-dimensional) interpretation software

      The main function of the MUHI logging system is downhole imaging. It can accurately provide the casing corrosion, deformation, wall thickness and other information, as well as the three-dimensional imaging interpretation. This solution is of great significance in the aspects of performing rock stress analysis, casing evaluation, wellbore integrity inspection and recovery, restores productivity, and extends the service life of oil and gas wells for a large number of shale oil and gas field.

      The MUHI ultrasonic imaging logging system can apply coiled tubing storage logging jobs, or crawler wireline logging jobs. It has great flexibility. This marks that ArenaPetro has achieved a significant breakthrough in the level of imaging logging in the horizontal well logging field.