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In Aug 2021, ArenaPetro slim WIIS system successfully passed the customer's acceptance
Time:2021/10/11 19:25:41  Views:601


      In Aug 2021, one set of the slim WIIS-D52 (Well Integrity Inspection System, Max O.D. 52mm) customized by ArenaPetro,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ArenaPetro) for an research institute customer has successfully carried out a wellsite test in a newly built gas storage well group in North China and passed the customer's acceptance.


      This project is an imaging logging system which takes the slim ultrasonic hole imaging logging tool (UHI2-D52, the tool’s outer diameter is 52mm) as the core. The main functions are: slim or horizontal wells casing damage/casing deformation detection, casing thickness detection, three-dimensional imaging and interpretation, cement bonding inspection. The system can giving solutions to the gas storage construction and old wells evaluation, and is of great significance in casing damage prevention, detection and treatment, production capacity recovery and the oil and gas wells service life extension.


      The successful acceptance of the project indicates that ArenaPetro’s WIIS-D52 system has achieved multiple functions (storage coiled tubing/crawler horizontal well construction technology/cable logging technology), which can be switched freely to meet the customers’ requirements of adapting to different well construction conditions.


      At the same time, ArenaPetro's WIIS-D73 system has always been a required advanced imaging logging project for new gas storage well in the Northeast of China. To ensure the construction and commissioning requirements of the customers, this customer has carried out more than ten WIIS logging jobs in the third quarter of 2021.


      In the future, ArenaPetro will continue working on developing new products, new technologies and expanding the functions of the WIIS system. We will actively contribute one bit of force to the gas storage construction in various oil fields and regions in domestics and abroad.