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In Aug 2021, ArenaPetro signed the contract of the Active Magnetic-Positioning System
Time:2021/10/11 19:29:33  Views:740


      In Aug 2021, ArenaPetro,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ArenaPetro) successfully signed a contract for a high temperature and high voltage Active Magnetic-Positioning System.


      The Active Magnetic-Positioning System is a new type of technology that is mainly used to locate fish in old wells for gas storage well groups, and then provide guarantee for plugging and reentry operations of old wells. At present, the system has carried out more than ten operations for gas storage well groups in North China and Northeast China.


      ArenaPetro has been involved in the project of design and development of the first generation of Active Magnetic-Positioning System since 2016. After more than two years long gas storage wells services in onshore oil fields, the system was completed the first old well reentry operation on an artificial island at the end of August this year. Based on the good cooperation in the first stage, ArenaPetro has confirm the third contract of the customer of high temperature and high pressure Active Magnetic-Positioning System, providing guarantees for more complex geological blocks for gas storages in the central and western regions of China. The successful signing of the contract once again reflects the advancement, stability, reliability, and high-quality technical services of ArenaPetro’s products.


      Based on this set of products and the WIIS system, ArenaPetro generated a complete set of overhaul solutions for the construction, maintenance, repair and scrapping of gas storage wells, which can meet the needs for old gas storage wells in different stages.


      Construction stage: WIIS well integrity inspection system, including: multi-arm caliper, ultrasonic hole imaging tool, eight-sector cement bonding, electromagnetic eddy current imaging, etc., which can quantitatively evaluate the quality of the cement ring and casing damage of the gas storage well;


      Maintenance and repair stage: WIIS system to detect corrosion of casing inner and outer walls, casing deformation and cement ring quality of gas storage wells;


      Scrap and reconstruction stage: WIIS system to detect the casing position of gas storage wells and provide technical support for plugging and reentry operations of old wells.


      In the future, ArenaPetro will continue working on developing new products, technologies and processes. We will continue contribute to the construction of gas storage in various oil fields and regions in domestic and abroad.