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In Oct 2022, 200degC Imaging Openhole Logging System passed the customer's acceptance
Time:2022/10/19 12:20:24  Views:323

In Oct 2022, one set of the 200degC High Temperature Imaging Openhole Logging System customized by ArenaPetro,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ArenaPetro) for an research institute customer. ArenaPetro has successfully carried out several wellsite tests in dry hot rock geothermal well block and passed the customer's acceptance.


The High Temperature Imaging Openhole Logging System project is based on ArenaPetro's latest AXP600GE-200 logging platform and a variety of 200degC downhole tools, including the advanced Openhole Imaging System which integrates the Ultrasonic Hole Imaging Tool (UHI), Dual Lateral Logging Tool (DLL) and high-speed Telemetry Tool (MCM600) as the core, and also with the functions of Gamma, Azimuth, cablehead parameter measurement. It is the most advanced ultra-high temperature imaging openhole logging equipment in domestic petroleum exploration industry in recent years.


The well block for this wellsite test is a key epidemic prevention area, which resulted in severe logistics, personnel and transportation constraints. The temporary logging team could provide 30,000 feet (9,500m+) high-temperature cable only and could not arrange the vehicle in advance. In the end, ArenaPetro's team successfully logged multiple wells consecutively in extreme operating conditions of ultra-high well temperatures and ultra-long wireline. ArenaPetro's MCM600 multifunction telemetry system also set a record for logging on 30,000ft (9,500m+) wireline. The ultrasonic imaging data of this log is clear, the inclination is accurate, and the resolution of all curves meets the requirements of the field acceptance with good effects.


In the future, ArenaPetro will continue working on developing new products, new technologies and actively meet the technical needs of domestic and abroad oil field customers.