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In Oct 2022, MCM600 multi-functional telemetry broke the record of adapting 30,000ft cable
Time:2022/10/19 12:23:46  Views:344

In Oct 2022, MCM600 multi-functional telemetry system made by ArenaPetro, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ArenaPetro) broke the record of adapting 9,500m (30,000ft) standard hepta cable, and successfully completed multiple well logging jobs in a variety of extreme operating conditions such as ultra-high temperature and ultra-long cable. In the past two years, MCM600 telemetry system has been widely applied in new drilling systems, well rescue systems, and 200degC open hole high temperature imaging logging system.


In 2022, a major Chinese oilfield service company published its new imaging logging system and upgraded the logging vehicle kit of its oilfield logging companies with it. Considering of multiple project needs, ArenaPetro’s MCM600 multi-function telemetry system has rapidly adapted and used a new type of cable in variety specifications and length with cable adaptive function in a number of oilfield logging jobs, and successful adapted the 9500m+ (30000 feet) armoured cable in a hot rock geothermal well logging project, it broke ArenaPetro's previous logging record for 8500m cable in an oversea project. The MCM600 system was highly recognized for its stability, temperature tolerance (200), and reliability during multiple well logging runs.


In the future, ArenaPetro will continue working on developing new products, new technologies and expand new applications. We will firmly support various oil field service companies.