Openhole System
AXP600 Openhole Logging System
4 AXP600FE Surface Panel
4 MCM600 Telemetry tool
4 PSGR Precision Spectrum Gama
4 MHAC Acoustic tool
4 UHI2 Ultrasonic image tool
4 UHI Ultrasonic image tool
4 HRDL Dual Lateral Log
4 MDIP Multi pole acoustic
4 MITA Multi protocol adapter
AXP 1 Openhole Logging System
4 AXP1EA Surface Panel
4 MCM 1 telemetry tool
Casedhole System
AXP600 Casedhole Logging System
4 AXP600FC Surface Panel
4 MCM200 telemetry tool
4 UHI2 Ultrasonic image tool
4 AXP600EL Surface Panel
4 LWD Spectrum Gama Image tool
4 LWD Inclinometer
4 LUCT Acoustic Calipper
4 LUHI Ultrasonic image tool
Horizontal Well Logging
Storage Logging System
4 AXP600EL Surface Panel
4 Memory Storage Acoustic tool
Logging Software
AXP data acqusition platform
AXP field interpretation platform
Parts and Accessories
AXP Low noise power supply
4 AXP2000B系列
4 AXP3000C系列
4 AXP5000C系列
AXP600 Openhole Logging System
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      AXP600F openhole imaging logging system is a new generation of highly integrated, high reliable, easy maintenance logging system.

      Base on the AXP software, AXP600FE logging surface panel and 600Kbps MCM600 multi functional cable modem, the AXP600F imaging logging system can be configured with express combo , high resolution combo, arrayed combo, acoustic and restitive imaging combo, MITA(Multi Interface Tool Adaptor) and other openhole logging downhole tools.

      AXP600F features an open structure, both software and hardware can be opened to other vendors, customers can easily extend new tools and new applications by third party manufacturers, even by themselves.